Friday, August 4, 2017

Sunflower: Bright and Sunny, But That's Not All

The sunflower is one of the most requested blooms by our customers. Once considered a fall flower, it is now generally available to us year-round, with supplies most plentiful from late July through late November.

*The sunflower is Kansas's state flower.  However, it is considered a weed by many farmers there, as it grows so fast and spreads so prolifically.

*The scientific term for the sunflower is Helianthus, with 'helios' meaning sun and 'anthus' meaning plant.

*There are about 70 known species.  Fun Fact: All but three of the 70 species are native to North America.

*Russia and Argentina grow the most sunflowers for floral and foodstuff production.

*The largest field of sunflowers is located in Tuscany, Italy.

*While most grow anywhere from three to nine feet tall, the tallest sunflower ever was produced in the Netherlands, at a whopping TEN FEET tall!

*The width of most sunflowers falls between five to twelve inches, so could you just imagine what the world's record 32" looked like?  It was grown in British Columbia.

*Sunflowers love the sun, but they are also huge water consumers.  When found in the wild, they are easy to spot near watery areas such as creeks, riverbeds, and the like.

*While growing, sunflowers raise their heads to track the sun, however once mature, most will face east.

*If you are a Leo (born July 23rd through August 22nd) the sunflower is your sign's flower

Sunflowers are a wonderful 'face' flower, as we florists like to call it.  A face flower is simply the focal flower, the star of the show, and few blooms do it with such panache as this big, bright yellow beauty.  Quite versatile, it can be it can be mixed with several other colors and textures to create a beautiful bouquet, but it looks even more stunning when the entire bouquet is of sunflowers.  Favorite greenery (other than good old salal, of course) is spiral eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, and gravalia.  Accent flowers that play nicely with sunflowers include solidago or Viking daisies (which look like tiny little sunflowers!) In nature, yellow's favorite contrasting color is purple--just try pairing with bright purple statice and you'll see what we mean!

And just why are we lauding the humble sunflower?  Why, it's the Cactus Flower Fresh Ten special of the month!  That's right, until August 31st, stop in at any one of out locations in the metro Phoenix area and pick up ten stems for just ten bucks.  Shop now.

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