Friday, March 10, 2017

Prom Trends 2017

It's not quite 'anything goes' for prom this year, but there are so many trendy styles and such a wide rainbow of colors that it seems as if there's truly a look for everyone.

First, the colors--blue is THE color for prom, with all shades from barely-there powder blue to a rich, dark navy blue and everything in between.  Color marketer Pantone offers up three hot versions of blue this year. 'Island Paradise' is a Miami Vice 1980s aqua, 'Niagara' is a darker blue-green aqua-ish shade and 'Lapis' is a beautiful blend between royal and navy blues.

White and black are perennial favorites for both guys and gals, and the nude look (skin tone dress with strategic heavy beading) may be a bit shocking to grandma, but it's been seen on runways and awards shows everywhere this season.  Other hot, hot, hot colors include 'Primrose' (bright mustardy-lemony yellow), 'Pale Dogwood' (a pretty blushy pinky-peachy shade), 'Hazelnut' (a nice everyday tan color), 'Flame' (a bright, clean orange), 'Pink Yarrow' (hot pink leaning toward watermelon) and 'Kale' (deep woodsy green). Floral prints are big for both sexes.  For the gents, it is a tone-on-tone print.  For the gals, the brighter, bigger and bolder the print, the better!

Dress styles seem to go one of three directions.  The two-piece crop top is the dress of the season.  Mermaid style (form fitting) dresses are very popular, and the big poofy princess style (close fitting bodice with a large, layered skirt) has made a comeback.  But then again, did it ever really go away?

For the guys, slim cut tuxes are seen everywhere.  Think 1960s beatnik, updated.  Jackets are trim, hip length, and pants are straight leg and tight.  Black and dark blue are popular this year, as are the aforementioned tone-on-tone, but large checks and plaids for the brave and bold are gaining in popularity.

No matter the clothes, don't forget the flowers!  Since the 1930s, promwear has been accented with corsages and boutonnieres.  Whether you'd like something sweet and demure or over-the-top glitz and glamour, CactusFlower Florists is here to help.

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