Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Roses, Roses Everywhere!

When you 'say it with flowers' you really do communicate what you mean when it comes to roses.  In Victorian times, every flower had special meaning.  Irises signified valor and wisdom, snapdragons were for graciousness, callas meant beauty, orchids signified refinement, and so on.  While most of the secret language of flowers has faded away into obscurity, various colors of roses still hold their meanings much as they did over 100 years ago.

RED                 love
LIGHT PINK    grace and joy
DARK PINK    appreciation
YELLOW         friendship
WHITE             loyalty
PEACH            respect
LAVENDER    enchantment
ORANGE         fascination and desire

Colors mixed together have meanings as well.  Red and white together signifies unity. White and yellow together means 'peace and harmony'.  Yellow and red together indicates a celebration.

The number of roses given also have significance
1        love at first sight
6        infatuation
9        together forever
11        bad luck (is supposed to signify he sent you 11 and gave the best one to another!)
12        be mine
13        friends forever
18        sincerity
24        I'm yours
36        madly in love
48        genuine love
60        love has no boundaries
Ïn an online poll, most women prefer red roses for Valentine's Day, followed by pink, lavender, white and yellow.  So whether you are a traditionalist and opt for the red, or you love the big, bright colorful varied mixes, or you create your own bouquet based on the significances listed above (such as, 24 red and orange roses mixed together would say, "I love you, I desire you and I'm yours".  What woman wouldn't be wowed by that?) CactusFlowers can help pull off a Valentine's Day that will make a hero out of you.

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