Thursday, December 17, 2015

Centerpieces Set the Table

Yes, there's less than two weeks until the big day, but it's time to start thinking about centerpieces for your holiday table.  And there's a lot to consider:

*SIZE  A 'small' centerpiece is one that would be suitable for a table that seats four to six people; a 'medium' is suitable for a table that seats 6 to 12 people and 'large' is for one that seats 12-16 guests.  In order to see over the piece, it should be no taller than 12-14" tall--not including candles.  Imagine your holiday table with all the place settings, and measure what you'd like in the center.  When placing the order, let the customer service rep know the measurements and we will build to your specs.

*STYLE  If your table is round, select a round or oval piece.  A square table is also suitable for a round piece, while a rectangular table needs a piece that is also rectangular in shape, that is, longer than it is wide.

*DESIGN  There's a plethora of flowers and accoutrements to choose from.  Traditional would be pine with red and white flowers, but our designers can accomodate any color scheme, whether it is elegant whites, joyous jewel tones, or any other combination you can think of!  Tell our customer service rep if you've got a specific holiday theme or linens you want to coordinate with, and we'll come up with the absolutely perfect idea.

*ADD-ONS--candles or no candles? Pine cones or little glass balls?  Bow or no bow?

Other centerpiece tips:

In lieu of a traditional centerpiece,  line up several cube or rose bowl vases with flowers designed pave (short, fat and close to the vase) in the center of the table.  Have them created all the same, or switch the flowers/colors up for visual appeal.  Best of all, these arrangements can act as favors.  Let each couple take one home after the party.

If your measurements are off, don't despair.  To make a centerpiece appear larger than it is, use a table runner of similar color to pull the eye down the table.  Another trick is to scatter confetti lengthwise, place springs of pine down the center, or flank the centerpiece with crystal or silver candle holders, which directs the eye up and over.

Still need fresh ideas?  Check out our gorgeous holiday inspired arrangements.

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