Friday, October 9, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving is October 12th

While there is no registration or census that lets us know exactly how many winter visitors there are to Arizona, estimates are somewhere around 250,000 to 300,000 just in the metro Phoenix area each year.  (And it looks like they have all landed in east Mesa in just the past few weeks, if the sudden influx of out-of-state vehicles has anything to do with it!)

A large percentage of these visitors hail from Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario.  If you've got Canadian friends who roost in the valley during the winter, surprise them with a fall bouquet or centerpiece for Canadian Thanksgiving, which falls on October 12th this year.  Much like the US Thanksgiving, it is a day of thankfulness for the harvest, for the bounties of the year.  So of course, there is a huge meal (which is much like what we have here with the '3 T's:  Turkey, Taters and Too much of everything else).

If you are at all lucky, you'll be invited to this festivity.  Then next month, you can invite them to your big shindig on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) and compare notes!

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