Monday, October 12, 2015

Bosses Week is Here

Bosses Day has been around since the late 1950s, created by an Illinois woman who--quite coincidentally, we're sure--had a boss who also happened to be her father.  She thought all bosses needed a day of recognition, and then-Governor Otto Kerner agreed, passing a bill that recognized a day for bosses, back in 1962.  However, Hallmark did not start offering Boss's Day cards until 1979, and surprisingly, the holiday really didn't take off until just recently in 2007, when it made an almost 30% jump in popularity. 

What to send to your boss to let him or her know you appreciate everything they do for you?  How about bright flowers to adorn their desk?  Something like our Autumn Essence (CFE512) offers a bright pop of color and will make your boss think about that raise she's been considering for you, every time she looks at it.  For something a little more masculine, the Garden Of Zen (CFE369) looks great in any office, and the succulent plants are both low maintenance and trendy.  Shop here.

For all the things your boss does for you. .  .lets you take emergency days, no questions asked . . . looks the other way when you're occasionally a few minutes late. . . thanks you for all the times you make him look good. . . realizes that every now and again, you want to leave early to catch your son's soccer game or daughter's ballet recital. . . makes a small deal out of your mistakes and a big deal out of your triumphs. . . helps to get the job done. . . manages effectively. . . uses humor, humility and empathy in everything he does. . . 

Yeah.  All great reasons to recognize the big guy (or gal!) on Boss's Day, October 16th!


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