Thursday, August 27, 2015

FALL's HERE... sort of?

Yeah, yeah, we know. . . the temps are 105 to 110 this week, how can it be fall?  Where are the sweaters, the corduroys, the aroma of burning wood from fireplaces?  Don't worry, it's coming.  After months and months of triple digit temperatures and triple digit SRP bills, how can we be so sure?  Because. . .when we opened our flower shipment this week we found cat tails. . . millet. . . marigolds. . .sunflowers, Safari sunset protea. . .roses in colors such as cinnamon, honey gold, orange!!  So, yes, fall is here.  Sort of.

Many of our designers welcome this time of year and the floral bounties it brings.  After all, Christmas is all about the red, white and green.  Valentine's Day is red, white and pink. Easter is pastels, and summer choices are a bright but can be a little limited when it's 115 outside.  So fall flowers and colors are welcomed with open arms. . .the colors, the textures, the unusual things we see this time of year.

So watch the temperatures (and your electric bill!) drop, little by little.  September, October, November. .  .what a great time to be an Arizonan, especially if you're one who also loves flowers!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On Trend: Join our Flower Crown Class!

All the rage and utterly romantic, we'll guide you through each step of constructing these beautiful hair accessories with a custom touch. 
Prepping for a Taylor Swift concert? Looking for a memorable mother/daughter event? Grab a friend and make it a girls night to remember! 
Thursday, August 13th @ 6pm in our Scottsdale store:
10822 N. Scottsdale Rd. (one light north of Shea)

Cost is only $35 per person and includes all supplies during this hour-long workshop. We will use artificial flowers to ensure you can wear your head wreath again and again.
Space is limited. Please reserve your spot by clicking here. Or call 480 778-2109.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Annual Rose Sale Ends August 31st!

Due to huge popularity with our customers this Summer, our Annual Rose Sale has been extended through the month of August! Stop in for a $10 dozen. Or make someone's day with a stunning 2-dozen arrangement delivered for just $54.99!!!

The colors and types of roses we've gotten from our growers are absolutely stunning. This sale really is the perfect excuse to celebrate someone. Take a look at our selection before it fades into the sunset!
Looking for some DIY arrangement ideas? Check out our quick rose tutorial!