Friday, February 27, 2015

St. Patty's Day is Tuesday, March 17th!

'Faith and begorrah'...what does that even mean?  If you're having a Saint Patrick's Day party at your house, you're certain to hear that phrase repeated again and again.  Impress your friends by telling them that this is an old Irish greeting, actually shortened down from, 'By my faith, by God'.  As the Irish are wont to do, they dropped words and stretched out words to create this greeting.  'By my faith' --meaning the Christian religion--became just 'faith'.  Centuries ago, even saying, 'by God' was considered to go against the Bible (taking the Lord's name in vain) so they changed 'God' to 'Gor' and added the 'rah' on the end just to confuse God into thinking they really weren't taking his name lightly.  Hence, "By my Faith and By Gor-rah" elided itself into 'Faith and Begorrah.'

And just who is Saint Patrick and why is there an entire day set aside to honor him?  It is said that he died on March 17th, @460AD, so we actually celebrate the anniversary of his death.  (Hey, we do the same for Elvis every August 16th so it's not that crazy!)  In any case, St. Patrick is said to have successfully converted the Irish from their pagan religions to Christianity, and this is why he is so celebrated, almost 1600 years later!

Now that you've wowed your guests (or put them to sleep) with this St. Patty's Day trivia,  you need to REALLY impress them with gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets to grace your home for the big day.  There's no way to miss with After The Rain CFE295, which stands nearly two feet tall and is a graceful mix of bells of Ireland, white lilies and more. This will be perfect on an entryway table or large kitchen island.  The stunning arrangement Champs Elysees CFE431 is a study in gorgeous green flowers, and would look nice as a centerpiece or as the  perfect thing to grace a coffee table.  Or let one of our designers create something unique and custom-made for you, either to use in your own home for that party, or to send as a gift to your favorite Irish lass.  And don't forget, on Saint Patrick's day, we're all 'just a little bit Irish'!

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