Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Steps to Making Your Perfect Wreath

Every holiday season at Cactus Flower, we offer our most popular classes including wreath making. Though you won't get hands-on instruction here, we have 10-steps to help you make something beautiful and festive!

  1. Make sure your wreath is all fluffed and even in appearance.
  2. Take inventory of everything you'll be using for decor in your wreath and lay it out.
  3. Your ribbon will be the focal point and create the overall theme of your wreath. We see everything from traditional to rustic to whimsical! Make two large bows and be sure to keep enough ribbon for tails to use later.
  4. Insert bows in the wreath where you'd like (usually top left and bottom right).
  5. Now insert larger items you want to showcase, like an ornament or stuffed animal.
  6. Add on secondary decorations.
  7. Step back and balance your bow. Tweak everything so it is exactly where you want it and secure with twist tie or hot glue.
  8. Any additional filler items will be inserted at this point. Branches, berries, or some sparkle will give it that extra touch.
  9. You're almost done! Time to use that additional ribbon to create tails for that final look. Tuck around to give it a natural look.
  10. Find the perfect place to display your creation so that everyone can enjoy it!
Our Glendale class from 2014

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