Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Arizona Autumn Bride

Photos courtesy of Erin Ashlee Photography
The triple digits finally ended marking October as the beginning of wedding season in Arizona. With warm days and cooler nights, enjoying the outdoors with guests is just part of the deal. We are blessed with dozens of gorgeous resorts and sites to choose from in the Phoenix area.

Kaitlyn was nice enough to share a few beautiful images from her recent wedding which we did the flowers for. The colors in her bouquet speak to romance, with a hint of Fall with deep purple. Other Autumn brides we've had choose to highlight darker shades of red and orange. It really depends on the bride and the overall mood or theme of the wedding.

Flowers speak volumes, but it's hard to go wrong. No matter what season your wedding falls in, there are countless colors and forms to create the perfect bouquet. Some of the hottest trends right now are baby's breath and succulents (Kaitlyn has some in her bouquet too). We're thrilled to get so many rave reviews on Wedding Wire!

Take a look at our Pinterest page for more ideas.

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