Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall is here... well, sort of

Ahh, Fall … The leaves are changing, we are enjoying the cool crisp air and we are breaking out the sweaters … nope not here, not quite yet.

What’s an autumn loving girl to do?  Bring the fall colors indoors!  

The colors of fall are warm and comforting and a reminder that before too long we will throw open the windows and sip on something pumpkin. Sunflowers radiate the autumn colors like no other flower can.
Their bright and bold burst of yellow brightens any room.  Sunflowers even look great popped in a bubble bowl all on their own.  

When mixed with other flowers they become the focal point of a textured arrangement with an image of bounty and plenty. These are gorgeous.

Sunflowers radiate warmth and were the symbol for the sun in ancient times. Their heads following the sun as it rose and set on the horizons. 
So while our families up north enjoy the change of season, we can bring the colors indoors, enjoy our pumpkin treats and relish that in just a few short weeks we will also feel the fall change in the air.

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