Monday, February 24, 2014

Love, Honor & Respect: International Women's Day is March 8


What are these young men doing with those big bundles of flowers, you ask? Who are the lucky recipients?

This is a Russian advertisement for Women's Day, a national holiday celebrated on March 8. One might compare it to Mother's Day here in the U.S., only the Eastern Europeans celebrate ALL women, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and even co-workers. It's an international celebration of economic, political, and social achievements of past, present, and future women.

In Russia, it's not only their #1 flower holiday (exceeding Valentine's Day and Mother's Day sales combined), but it's also a day to shower women with love and attention, offering them a day of pampering and rest from the cooking, cleaning and motherhood responsibilities. Women put up their feet and are treated like princesses!

Believe it or not, Women's Day began as an American holiday in New York City in 1909. It was embraced by Eastern Europe after the 1917 Revolution. Although the holiday hasn't become what it is in Europe here in America, the day is making a comeback as a day of social awareness, celebrating the achievement and advancement of women. In fact, the "tagline" for the American holiday is "Love, Honor & Respect."

Wouldn't you love to be pampered like those Russian women? On March 8, Cactus Flower will be doing its part to shower all women with affection. Every women who steps foot into our stores that day will receive a red rose. We'll also have a beautiful selection of bouquets for you to send to any woman in your life who inspires you. 

You can follow Women's Day happenings around the country on Twitter at @womensday, or search for events and info using #womensday.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guy's Guide to Valentine's Day

Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the malls. . . here comes Valentine's Day. Now it's back to the grindstone, trying to find the perfect gift that expresses your love.

ROSES say it best. However, in our on-line survey, we discovered only 10% of women want traditional red roses!  Close to 50% of the women polled expect roses of some sort, just in non-traditional colors.  Why not give roses with meaning?  Lavender roses signify enchantment.  Orange roses mean fascination. Yellow means friendship.  Light pink stands for joy, dark pink means appreciation.  White means loyalty and coral signifies desire.  Send a rainbow of sentiments with a multi-colored rose bouquet!

However, roses are not de riguer.  In fact, 42% of the women polled would like anything other than roses for the holiday!  If you pay attention and take notice of subtle hints, you'll be able to amaze and impress your significant other. . .and make it look effortless.

 * If you are married, nothing is more romantic or breathtaking than to be presented a bouquet using the same flowers and/or colors as your bride carried in your wedding.  Bring us a picture of that bouquet and we'll re-create it for you.  This one sweet gesture will knock her socks off, we promise you.

 *Does she have a favorite color?  It's easy for us to create a luscious bouquet that is perfectly pink, rambunctiously red or whispery white.   
*Is she a traditional romantic?  Does she like mushy movies and girly things?  A bouquet in pinks, lavenders and whites will impress---especially if there's one red rose in the center to say "I Love You".

 *Is she a trendy sort of gal?  A contemporary arrangement in bright bold colors will make her happy. 

 *Does she like the more unusual, the exotic?  How about a stunning tropical arrangement that incorporates birds of paradise, orchids and more?  Her arrangement will certainly stand out in the sea of red roses her co-workers received.

Whatever her personality and favorites, Cactus Flower can help you create the perfect Valentine bouquet that will make her melt.