Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Steps to Making Your Perfect Wreath

Every holiday season at Cactus Flower, we offer our most popular classes including wreath making. Though you won't get hands-on instruction here, we have 10-steps to help you make something beautiful and festive!

  1. Make sure your wreath is all fluffed and even in appearance.
  2. Take inventory of everything you'll be using for decor in your wreath and lay it out.
  3. Your ribbon will be the focal point and create the overall theme of your wreath. We see everything from traditional to rustic to whimsical! Make two large bows and be sure to keep enough ribbon for tails to use later.
  4. Insert bows in the wreath where you'd like (usually top left and bottom right).
  5. Now insert larger items you want to showcase, like an ornament or stuffed animal.
  6. Add on secondary decorations.
  7. Step back and balance your bow. Tweak everything so it is exactly where you want it and secure with twist tie or hot glue.
  8. Any additional filler items will be inserted at this point. Branches, berries, or some sparkle will give it that extra touch.
  9. You're almost done! Time to use that additional ribbon to create tails for that final look. Tuck around to give it a natural look.
  10. Find the perfect place to display your creation so that everyone can enjoy it!
Our Glendale class from 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bringing Floral Indoors for the Holidays

There's less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, and all our Cactus Flower Florists shops are in full swing for that holiday (and of course the one that comes a few weeks later).  We have lush and gorgeous fall silk swags and wreaths available in beautiful rusts, oranges, golds.  Drape a swag over the front door, or twine down a stairway railing.  Hang a wreath on the front door to herald the season, or use as a unique centerpiece.  Simply place the wreath in the middle of the table, centering a glass candle holder in the wreath. Our Scottsdale store is full of great decor ideas that you can use again and again.

If you're the sort who feels no holiday table is complete without live, fresh flowers, check out our Thanksgiving arrangements at  One of the most popular is 'Sunny Thanksgiving' which includes exotic tropical flowers mixed with warm autumn roses and trendy succulents for a spectacular feast for the eyes. Or, have one of our talented designers create a custom piece to match your linens and tableware, to make a seasonal table that will WOW your guests!

Other ways to use florals in your Thanksgiving decor:

  1. Skip the napkin rings, and instead use a fall-themed bow tied around each napkin with a sprig of red hypericum berries tucked inside.
  2. Christmas may be all about the sparkle, but Thanksgiving is more about the homey glow.  Save the silver and gold for next month. . . this month, use warmer metallics such as copper, pewter or brushed nickle.  A cluster of copper teapots and molds with sprigs of autumn mums tucked in looks great!
  3. Down here in the desert, we really don't get the spectacular leaf color change that cooler climes experience.  Make your own 'fall leaves' by taking a stem of salal (available at any one of our locations) and spray painting it with metallic copper or pewter paint.  Allow to dry and sprinkle the individual leaves where a pop of color and shine is needed. 
  4. If table space is limited, opt for a small cluster of bud vases or vintage bottles. Use stems of solidago, millet, fall daises or roses to bring color and interest.
  5. Don't forget the guest bathroom! A small cornucopia or vase filled with fall flowers adds that extra touch guests will appreciate.

Whether you're a traditionalist, opting for the rust-gold-red-brown palette, or prefer the bold and showy look with hot pinks, lime greens and purples -- or anything in between -- let Cactus Flowers help you set your table! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Arizona Autumn Bride

Photos courtesy of Erin Ashlee Photography
The triple digits finally ended marking October as the beginning of wedding season in Arizona. With warm days and cooler nights, enjoying the outdoors with guests is just part of the deal. We are blessed with dozens of gorgeous resorts and sites to choose from in the Phoenix area.

Kaitlyn was nice enough to share a few beautiful images from her recent wedding which we did the flowers for. The colors in her bouquet speak to romance, with a hint of Fall with deep purple. Other Autumn brides we've had choose to highlight darker shades of red and orange. It really depends on the bride and the overall mood or theme of the wedding.

Flowers speak volumes, but it's hard to go wrong. No matter what season your wedding falls in, there are countless colors and forms to create the perfect bouquet. Some of the hottest trends right now are baby's breath and succulents (Kaitlyn has some in her bouquet too). We're thrilled to get so many rave reviews on Wedding Wire!

Take a look at our Pinterest page for more ideas.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall is here... well, sort of

Ahh, Fall … The leaves are changing, we are enjoying the cool crisp air and we are breaking out the sweaters … nope not here, not quite yet.

What’s an autumn loving girl to do?  Bring the fall colors indoors!  

The colors of fall are warm and comforting and a reminder that before too long we will throw open the windows and sip on something pumpkin. Sunflowers radiate the autumn colors like no other flower can.
Their bright and bold burst of yellow brightens any room.  Sunflowers even look great popped in a bubble bowl all on their own.  

When mixed with other flowers they become the focal point of a textured arrangement with an image of bounty and plenty. These are gorgeous.

Sunflowers radiate warmth and were the symbol for the sun in ancient times. Their heads following the sun as it rose and set on the horizons. 
So while our families up north enjoy the change of season, we can bring the colors indoors, enjoy our pumpkin treats and relish that in just a few short weeks we will also feel the fall change in the air.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Air plants are trending!

Looking like something from under the sea or perhaps from another planet…
These plants were very popular in the 70’s and are making a comeback!
What are air plants?
They are plants that don’t need soil. They get their nutrients and water through the air.
They are also know as Tillandsia and are related to bromeliads.

Will they do well in Arizona?
The good news is that Air Plants don’t like the cold (below 45 degrees), so we have got that covered.
They like indirect sunlight. Just keep their environment light and airy.
And because in Arizona we have a “dry heat”, here at Cactus Flower we give our air plants a quick mist every day.

Find a unique spot to add a touch of green in your home. Their uses are endless!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's Hot for Prom

In just over a week, Valley high school kids will be riding around town in limos all dolled up and ready for the biggest night of their teenage life.

Between booking hair appointments, restaurant reservations and shopping for the perfect accessories, don't forget to order your prom flowers. It's best to order at least a few days in advance for the best selection of ribbon choices and custom add-ons like rhinestones and keepsake wristlets.

Cactus Flower offers a variety of prom corsages in varying sizes, prices, and styles that suit every personality and budget. Our top-selling corsage is the three-rose corsage, which can be made with four colors of roses and ten ribbon color choices. The standard is $19.99 with three roses and custom ribbon, while the deluxe is $29.99 with "bling". Upgrade to premium for $39.99 and add a 5-row crystal wristlet.
prom corsageprom corsage with rosesprom corsage with red roses
For those looking for more of a statement rose corsage, we've added a large rose corsage this year that cascades down the forearm. Starting at $39.99, this corsage can also be upgraded with rhinestone centers for an additional $5.
Large Red Rose Prom Corsage Large Red Rose Prom Corsage with Bling
If your gal likes to stand out in a crowd, perhaps an orchid or ranunculus corsage would be more her style. The Destiny corsage includes orchids, roses and seeded eucalyptus for a more modern look. If she's more eclectic, the Boho Chic would be a great choice with thistle being the feature flower. The English Garden includes ranunculus and kermit poms for a sweet, fresh-from-the-garden look. 

Orchid and Rose Corsage with Seeded Eucalyptus Thistle Prom Corsage Ranunculus Prom Corsage
Gals: Don't forget the guys! The boutonniere is the finishing touch on a tuxedo. Men are leaning more towards non-traditional boutonnieres these days, so be bold with thistle and seeded eucalyptus or an orchid boutonniere with pearl spray.
Prom Boutonnieres
Shop online at, or stop in at one of our five locations today to place your custom order today!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Irresistable Ranunculus

Ranunculus are a unique flower with layers and layers of delicate, crepe-paper like petals. They embody femininity and softness, yet are a hardy flower with a long vase life. They need no companion flower as they appear effortlessly beautiful on their own in a water pitcher, mason jar, or any simple vessel you have at home.

This March, get a bunch of 10 ranunculus stems for just $10. Find a store near you to pick up yours today!

Not sure what to do with your Fresh Ten when you get home? Watch Erin from our Central Phoenix store demonstrate two simple designs:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Love, Honor & Respect: International Women's Day is March 8


What are these young men doing with those big bundles of flowers, you ask? Who are the lucky recipients?

This is a Russian advertisement for Women's Day, a national holiday celebrated on March 8. One might compare it to Mother's Day here in the U.S., only the Eastern Europeans celebrate ALL women, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and even co-workers. It's an international celebration of economic, political, and social achievements of past, present, and future women.

In Russia, it's not only their #1 flower holiday (exceeding Valentine's Day and Mother's Day sales combined), but it's also a day to shower women with love and attention, offering them a day of pampering and rest from the cooking, cleaning and motherhood responsibilities. Women put up their feet and are treated like princesses!

Believe it or not, Women's Day began as an American holiday in New York City in 1909. It was embraced by Eastern Europe after the 1917 Revolution. Although the holiday hasn't become what it is in Europe here in America, the day is making a comeback as a day of social awareness, celebrating the achievement and advancement of women. In fact, the "tagline" for the American holiday is "Love, Honor & Respect."

Wouldn't you love to be pampered like those Russian women? On March 8, Cactus Flower will be doing its part to shower all women with affection. Every women who steps foot into our stores that day will receive a red rose. We'll also have a beautiful selection of bouquets for you to send to any woman in your life who inspires you. 

You can follow Women's Day happenings around the country on Twitter at @womensday, or search for events and info using #womensday.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guy's Guide to Valentine's Day

Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the malls. . . here comes Valentine's Day. Now it's back to the grindstone, trying to find the perfect gift that expresses your love.

ROSES say it best. However, in our on-line survey, we discovered only 10% of women want traditional red roses!  Close to 50% of the women polled expect roses of some sort, just in non-traditional colors.  Why not give roses with meaning?  Lavender roses signify enchantment.  Orange roses mean fascination. Yellow means friendship.  Light pink stands for joy, dark pink means appreciation.  White means loyalty and coral signifies desire.  Send a rainbow of sentiments with a multi-colored rose bouquet!

However, roses are not de riguer.  In fact, 42% of the women polled would like anything other than roses for the holiday!  If you pay attention and take notice of subtle hints, you'll be able to amaze and impress your significant other. . .and make it look effortless.

 * If you are married, nothing is more romantic or breathtaking than to be presented a bouquet using the same flowers and/or colors as your bride carried in your wedding.  Bring us a picture of that bouquet and we'll re-create it for you.  This one sweet gesture will knock her socks off, we promise you.

 *Does she have a favorite color?  It's easy for us to create a luscious bouquet that is perfectly pink, rambunctiously red or whispery white.   
*Is she a traditional romantic?  Does she like mushy movies and girly things?  A bouquet in pinks, lavenders and whites will impress---especially if there's one red rose in the center to say "I Love You".

 *Is she a trendy sort of gal?  A contemporary arrangement in bright bold colors will make her happy. 

 *Does she like the more unusual, the exotic?  How about a stunning tropical arrangement that incorporates birds of paradise, orchids and more?  Her arrangement will certainly stand out in the sea of red roses her co-workers received.

Whatever her personality and favorites, Cactus Flower can help you create the perfect Valentine bouquet that will make her melt.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolve to Spoil Yourself with Fresh Flowers

If new year’s resolutions are about self-improvement, then our Fresh Ten program is a great solution. Not only do fresh flowers lift your spirits and improve your emotional health (it’s proven!), they are an affordable luxury to treat yourself to at just $10 a bunch.

Each month, Cactus Flower features a seasonal wrapped bouquet for $10, which is usually over a 50% savings. For example, this month we are offering 10 gerbera daisies, which would usually cost $25. That's a lot of show for a little dough!

Not sure what to do with loose flowers when you get home? Our Fresh Ten Films - created in-house with our best designers - will walk you through designing them at home using containers and other items you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard. Here 's one of our most popular Fresh Ten Films featuring how to display 10 sunflowers.

This year, try keeping fresh flowers in your home at all times - even if it's a single rose from your own garden. See what it does for your emotional well being and creativity. We bet you'll see a difference!

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Wedding Trends: "Radiant Orchid" Named Color of the Year

Each year, the trend-setting folks at Pantone determine what colors and palettes will be hot in fashion and design for the upcoming seasons. This year they have announced the color of the year to be Radiant Orchid, a light purple hue with pink undertones.

We've done so many purple weddings in the last year, we internally called 2013 "the year of the purple bridal bouquet". Apparently our Cactus Flower brides are just cutting-edge and way ahead of their time!

Whether it's a succulent bouquet with purple blooms or an all-purple calla lily bouquet, it is clear that purple wedding bouquets are here to stay for a while. Here are just a few purple bouquets we've done here at The Studio at Cactus Flower in the last year.

Are you making plans for your 2014 wedding? Give Corrina a call at 480.358.5473 for a free consultation. We'll bring your wedding dreams to life!