Monday, December 2, 2013

Wrap Up Your Shopping with Just One Click

The mall's too crowded.  The perfect gift was out of stock online.  You're shopping for the person who has everything.  You're out of ideas, out of patience and getting close to being out of time. . .
Cactus Flower to the rescue! 

Have you ever seen the way a kid's face lights up when he or she finds out that something came in the mail for them?  Think of how much more exciting it would be to have something specially delivered, to your favorite little one.  A stuffed animal holding a holiday balloon bouquet is a great way to tell your favorite little person that you are thinking of them.

And aren't teenagers notoriously hard to buy for?  You're certain to pick the wrong style of clothes, or the wrong CD or DVD, or. . .the wrong everything, because the average teenager's taste bends on a whim.  One thing that certainly never goes out of style is a giftbasket.  A 'junk food' basket filled with chips, candy bars and the like would make most teenage boys happy, and if the young lady on your list is more health conscious, we could send a healthy basket with fruit, granola and nuts.

Mom and Dad certainly don't want any more tchoskes.  Who's going to dust everything, after all?  A pretty fruit or gourmet basket or a nice, big holiday poinsettia plant sent prior to the holidays gets anyone into the spirit. Or, we have lovely silk wreaths and arrangements available at each of our stores.  This is the gift that keeps on giving, every year they take it out and put it on display.

So take a deep breath, calm down. . .Cactus Flower has your Christmas list covered - all in one click!

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