Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hannukah Gift Ideas

HANNUKAH falls early this year, beginning on Thursday, November 28th.  This eight-day celebration is also called 'The Festival of Lights'.  The holiday celebrates the reclaiming of the Holy Temple, and has many traditions associated with it, from eating certain foods, to the lighting of the mennorah, to specific gifts given during the celebration.

If you are not of the Jewish faith, but would like to send a gift to a friend that is, here are some ideas:

** A gift of food is always welcome.  A fruit basket would be perfect as it does not cause problems with kosher food laws.

**A lovely centerpiece can grace the dining room table.  Traditionally, white, blue and silver are the colors used for this celebration.  Do not include candles, so as not to take away from the importance of the menorah.

** Floral arrangements that reflect the recipient's home are great gifts as well.  If you do not know the color scheme inside her home, stick with the traditional white and blue palette, such as Cactus Flower's exclusive Boy OhBoy Bouquet.

** A nice green plant trimmed with a blue and/or silver bow would also be appreciated and lasts long after the holiday.

Here are a few rules to follow for Hannukah gift giving:

1. Do not send anything that conveys traditional Christmas holiday, such as red and green arrangements, or things including red and white striped candy canes, ornaments, crosses or other religious items.

2. If sending a plant, stay away from poinsettias and anything pine or Christmas-tree shaped.

3. Make sure that when placing the order you mention it is a Hannukah gift. If it is being delivered on a Friday, it must arrive before sundown for Shabbat.