Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Impress Your Guests by Doing it Yourself!

When you're entertaining, you're busy menu planning, decorating, shopping, and cleaning. Why not alleviate some of the stress by having all of the components for the table decor delivered directly to you?

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you'll love our DIY Christmas tablescape kit. It provides all that you need to create this gorgeous tablescape, including three centerpieces, six personal rose bowls, six napkin rings, and a fully decorated Christmas wreath - all for just $199!

Our very own Leonard created a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions that you can view here:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Wrap Up Your Shopping with Just One Click

The mall's too crowded.  The perfect gift was out of stock online.  You're shopping for the person who has everything.  You're out of ideas, out of patience and getting close to being out of time. . .
Cactus Flower to the rescue! 

Have you ever seen the way a kid's face lights up when he or she finds out that something came in the mail for them?  Think of how much more exciting it would be to have something specially delivered, to your favorite little one.  A stuffed animal holding a holiday balloon bouquet is a great way to tell your favorite little person that you are thinking of them.

And aren't teenagers notoriously hard to buy for?  You're certain to pick the wrong style of clothes, or the wrong CD or DVD, or. . .the wrong everything, because the average teenager's taste bends on a whim.  One thing that certainly never goes out of style is a giftbasket.  A 'junk food' basket filled with chips, candy bars and the like would make most teenage boys happy, and if the young lady on your list is more health conscious, we could send a healthy basket with fruit, granola and nuts.

Mom and Dad certainly don't want any more tchoskes.  Who's going to dust everything, after all?  A pretty fruit or gourmet basket or a nice, big holiday poinsettia plant sent prior to the holidays gets anyone into the spirit. Or, we have lovely silk wreaths and arrangements available at each of our stores.  This is the gift that keeps on giving, every year they take it out and put it on display.

So take a deep breath, calm down. . .Cactus Flower has your Christmas list covered - all in one click!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hannukah Gift Ideas

HANNUKAH falls early this year, beginning on Thursday, November 28th.  This eight-day celebration is also called 'The Festival of Lights'.  The holiday celebrates the reclaiming of the Holy Temple, and has many traditions associated with it, from eating certain foods, to the lighting of the mennorah, to specific gifts given during the celebration.

If you are not of the Jewish faith, but would like to send a gift to a friend that is, here are some ideas:

** A gift of food is always welcome.  A fruit basket would be perfect as it does not cause problems with kosher food laws.

**A lovely centerpiece can grace the dining room table.  Traditionally, white, blue and silver are the colors used for this celebration.  Do not include candles, so as not to take away from the importance of the menorah.

** Floral arrangements that reflect the recipient's home are great gifts as well.  If you do not know the color scheme inside her home, stick with the traditional white and blue palette, such as Cactus Flower's exclusive Boy OhBoy Bouquet.

** A nice green plant trimmed with a blue and/or silver bow would also be appreciated and lasts long after the holiday.

Here are a few rules to follow for Hannukah gift giving:

1. Do not send anything that conveys traditional Christmas holiday, such as red and green arrangements, or things including red and white striped candy canes, ornaments, crosses or other religious items.

2. If sending a plant, stay away from poinsettias and anything pine or Christmas-tree shaped.

3. Make sure that when placing the order you mention it is a Hannukah gift. If it is being delivered on a Friday, it must arrive before sundown for Shabbat.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Let's Celebrate!

Join us in celebrating the most wonderful time of the year! Be inspired with FREE decor demonstrations all day long, exclusive discounts, festive food and beverages, and a complimentary gift for all.

In the spirit of giving, please bring in a non-perishable food item to benefit St. Mary's Food Bank. Cash donations will also be collected.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our five stores!


 11AM    Kid-Friendly Craft: Decorated Pine Cone

12PM    Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

1PM       Fall Topiary

2PM       Easy Christmas Centerpiece

3PM       Designer Bow-Making

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wickedly Easy Halloween Ideas

We've DUG UP (pun intended!) some great decor ideas from our designers.  Try these scary ideas to add a bit of boo to your All Hallow's Eve. . .

Search the web for 'printable Halloween labels'.  When you some that you like, print them out.  Meanwhile, make a good hot cup of tea, and make it strong.  Lay these printed sheets out in a narrow dish, pour the tea until covered, let the pages soak for 5-10 minutes until they take on an aged look.  Lay flat to dry.  Meanwhile, gather narrow bottles (early 1900s tonic and medicine bottles work great, and can be found for a few bucks each at most antique stores).  Using a spot of U-Glu (peel off glue dabs) affix each label to a bottle.  After the holiday, you can simply peel the label off without harming the bottle.  Fill the bottle with water and add one or two deep red roses, bright orange gerberas or the bloom of your choice

Using a funeral mache piece or plastic urn, fill it with Oasis or dried silk floral foam.  Cover this with a draping of Spanish Moss.  Create a tree by inserting dried branches from your own back yard, or with curley willow or birch branches.  Spin a few strands of fake spiderwebs through the branches, and then decorate as you wish.  Perhaps hang plastic spiders from the web, or prop a faux tombstone in front of the tree, or hang with little Halloween ornaments.  A great focal point for your buffet table!


At the local crafts or Halloween store, find the most hideous and realistic bugs possible.  'Trap' them inside clear vases for a quick easy yet scary look. 
Using a few cylinder vases in varying sizes, wrap the inside of the vase loosely with curley willow.  Spin faux spider web amongst the branches, then tuck one of the bugs or spiders up inside the web.  Flip the vase upside down to 'trap' the bug.

Whether you don't have the time or simply aren't in the mood for DIY projects, Cactus Flower can handle your Halloween decor for you!

There is no limit to what we can create for your frightful fete, whether it incorporates pumpkins, spiders, bats, or witches. Just call us with your vision and we'll bring it to life. Muahahaha!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's Wedding Season! Well, in Phoenix, Anyway

Do you know why most weddings traditionally took place in June? In days of yore, the seasons ruled activities. The winter months made it too cold for guests to travel, spring months were kept busy with planting of the crops and birthings, while fall was dedicated to harvest. That left the summer months, and of those, June traditionally had the most temperate weather.

In Arizona, our wedding season starts in October. . . and runs through the month of April. And why not? With our perfect weather, it's the best time for so many Arizona brides!

When planning a wedding, experts suggest meeting with your florist three months prior to the big day. . .but even if you've procrastinated, we can help. Our wedding concierge, Corrina Chavez, will be happy to meet with you at any one of our five Cactus Flower stores. With your thoughts and ideas, she will help make your wedding dreams come true. She can be reached at 480-358-5473 or by email. If you need inspiration, check out our gallery of work on our wedding website,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Save the Date(s): Tinsel Training is Coming!

We've received several calls regarding this year's Tinsel Training classes. Through registration is not yet open, here is the schedule thus far:


Monday, 11/25  6PM

Tuesday, 11/26  6PM



Tuesday, 12/3  6PM

Wednesday, 12/4  6PM



Tuesday, 12/17  6PM

Wednesday, 12/18  6PM


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Can it be? Is fall almost upon us? Then again, we've got another six weeks or so of temperatures over the century mark. But it's coming, we promise! How do we know? Because our growers are starting to send seasonal flowers and boy, are they gorgeous! Big happy sunflowers, richly colored daisy poms, spectacular roses like Circus (golden yellow with fiery tips), Cherry Brandy (a luscious corally-orange) and more.
Ahhhh. . . autumn. Even the word evokes happy memories. . . bonfires and hayrides and thick, rich sweaters. Okay, maybe not in Metro Phoenix, but with autumn comes one of the best holidays of the year: Halloween!

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween is now the second-best consumer holiday (behind Christmas, of course). There's costumes and candy and parties and decor. And the decor--what fun! Whether you're the laid back type who throws a few pumpkins on the porch, or you've built an entire haunted house in your garage. . . or fall somewhere in between. . . you have to stop by any one of our five flower shops, and soon! Our designers have combined forces to create some of the most awesome displays at every store. Take a look, ask questions, feel free to use their ideas or come up with some of your own!

Because fall is right around the corner...we promise.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fill Your Home with Sunshine for Just $10

This August, just $10 will get you enough sunflowers to fill your entire home with beauty! Our August Fresh Ten special is 10 sunflowers for $10, available at any Cactus Flower store.
You'll need a large container to display them all together on dining table or credenza, or you can place a few here and a few there throughout the house using the design techniques demonstrated below in our Fresh Ten Film. Cactus Flower's very own Leonard Chayrez will show you how to maximize your wrap!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Who Wants Ice Cream?

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month at our 3rd annual family ice cream social events!

Due to the popularity of past years, we've added more locations and times to accommodate families across the Valley. We'll host three events in Chandler, Scottsdale and Glendale on Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday, July 25.

Kids will get to make their very own ice cream soda out of flowers that they can take home and enjoy for days. After their masterpieces are created, they can enjoy a REAL ice cream sundae with toppings!
Wed, 7/24 - 11AM (Scottsdale)
Wed, 7/24 - 3PM (Glendale)
Thurs, 7/25 - 3PM (Chandler)
$10 per child


From Generation to Generation

As we await the royal baby birth and are reading about all the traditions involved in every aspect of the event, it got us thinking about the life events that we encounter everyday here at Cactus Flower.
Recently, a customer brought in a small ceramic container that she received from Cactus Flower when she had her daughter in the early 80’s.   She had saved it for 30 years so that she could give it to her daughter with a new baby arrangement when she had her first baby.  She is hopeful that her daughter will save it for the day when she can pass it on her child.  As the tradition continues she hopes that it will give her future great-great-great grandchildren a glimpse of past generations.
What traditions does your family share?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Event Calender

By late summer in the desert, we're all looking for something to do other than take another dip in the pool. Why not bust your boredom at one of our Cactus Flower summer events? Not only will you have a great time with fun people, but you'll walk away with new knowledge and something to enjoy in your home, whether it's an herb garden for your kitchen or a succulent garden for your office.

Check out our summer events calendar and reserve your seat today!

July 24 & 25 - Family Ice Cream Social

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month at our family ice cream social. Kids will get to make their very own "ice cream soda" to take home. After their masterpieces are created, they can enjoy a REAL ice cream sundae with toppings!

Wed, 7/24 - 11AM (Scottsdale)
Wed, 7/24 - 3PM (Glendale)
Thurs, 7/25 - 3PM (Chandler)
$10 per child


 August 21 & 29 - Succulent Dish Garden Class

Make one of our top-selling items for your own home or office, or give it as a handmade gift. You'll make a dish of beautiful succulent plants, perfect for indoor or outdoor use here in the desert.

Wed, 8/21 - 6PM (Glendale)
Thurs, 8/29 - 6PM (Scottsdale)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's Face It, Dad is Tough to Buy For

OK, so Dad has a million neckties. He doesn't need any new grill accessories. And Father's Day brunch just isn't his thing.

If you're stumped on what to get him this year, Cactus Flower has the perfect Father's Day gift for the guy who has everything.
Our "Cheers to You" beer arrangement is proof that flowers can be delivered to a man! He'll love the humor in it, and although he won't be able to drink this cold one, he'll enjoy the bar snacks they come with.
Our Succulent Dish Garden is our top-selling non-floral gift. Succulents are perfect for someone who claims to not have a green thumb, as they require just an ice cube when they get dry. Seriously!

Finally, our Open-Air Terrarium makes a great gift to send to his office. Not only does it add color to his desk, but the plants provide healthy air-purifying benefits in his workplace.

Still not sure what to get Dad? Give him a call and tell him what you appreciate about him. Even the toughest of men will admit to being touched by their children's heartfelt words.

Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Does Dad Really Need Another Coffee Mug?

This Father's Day, make Dad a terrarium - the coolest gift he'll receive!

When:  Thursday, June 13 at 3PM
Where: Scottsdale store
Cost:     $40

Does he really need another mug? This Father’s Day, have the kids make him something he’ll enjoy every day in his office or at home: a custom terrarium.

You’ll build an open-air terrarium using dirt, river rock, decorative stones and small green plants. We’ll even have some decoration to customize it according to Dad’s hobbies – or bring in your own embellishments!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are You Seeing Purple? Win Flowers for a Year!

Have you ever pulled behind one of our ubiquitous purple delivery vehicles at a stoplight? Have you seen one parked in front of your workplace? The next time you see purple in your neighborhood, snap a picture and upload it to either our Facebook page or Twitter page with the hashtag #iseepurple, or you can email it to us at You'll be entered in for a chance to win flowers for a year!

We'll be pick a lucky winner on July 31.Enter the contest as many times as you see purple in your neighborhood!

(For safety reasons, we ask that you not photograph while driving. Please be in a parked position or outside the vehicle.)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Which Prom 2013 Trend is Your Favorite?

Prom season is upon us! We're gearing up here at Cactus Flower with new wrist corsages, arm cuffs, and boutonnieres for your beau. Cactus Flower makes your prom corsage special with customized ribbon, rhinestones and other "bling", and even wristlet upgrades to make your corsage stand out from the crowd!

Our offerings are inspired by this season's hottest prom trends. Which one of the below trends is your favorite?

This dress has three of the hottest trends in one! Silver and gold dresses make for a flashy statement. A high-low hem is flirty and fun. And while strapless dresses are popular, the sweetheart neckline is the best choice this season.

Our 3-Rose Deluxe Corsage is a great compliment to this dress, with shimmery ribbon and a metallic wristlet.

Prom is the night to shine! Go for head-to-toe sparkle in a long sequined gown, or keep the sequins up top in just the bodice with a chiffon skirt. Any way you wear sequins, you'll stand out from the crowd.

Cactus Flower offers glittery ribbon to accent your sparkle! See it here featured in our 4-Rose Deluxe Corsage.

If you're going short, the peplum is a sexy and sophisticated choice. It creates an hourglass shape for gals needing curves. For extra sass, find a peplum with a back cut-out.

Cactus Flower's Sassy Corsage will be the perfect accessory to this black sequined peplum.

One-shouldered dresses are flattering for all gals, and they take away the need for a necklace!

This dress would look fabulous with our Fashionista Arm Cuff. The arm cuff features a rhinestone cuff with orchids, with or without feathers.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Join Us for the Spring Centerpiece Make & Take Class

It's spring! What better way to welcome the season of all things in bloom than with flowers!

Just in time for Easter and Passover, we'll be hosting a "make & take" spring centerpiece class on March 28 at 6PM at our Glendale store. Leonard from our central Phoenix store will guide you as you make a lovely spring arrangement for your spring celebrations.

Space is limited, so reserve your seat today!