Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Lotta Show for a Little Dough!

This August, $10 gets your 10 big, bold sunflowers! These blooms are so large, we could only fit HALF of the Fresh Ten wrap in the picture. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Sunflowers are a classic summer flower and are easy to just drop in a vase and enjoy. You can scatter a single stem in reused bottles throughout the house, or create two or three arrangements in vases with varying heights on your dining table. Of course, if you have a container that's big enough, you could display them all together for a dramatic display.

We have some ideas for you on our Pinterest board of sunflowers, but in the meantime here are a couple of our favorites:
Surprise your house guests with this whimsical display of sunflowers in rain boots!

Water pitchers always make a perfect vase for sunflowers - especially for summer parties.

Use different size glasses, old olive oil bottles, mason jars or whatever vessel you have handy to make a display along your kitchen window!

Sunflowers are also a long-lasting flower, which is just another reason to stop by your closest Cactus Flower store and pick up yours today!

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