Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Prom Season!

We've already had a few proms in the Valley, but the majority of them take place in the next few weeks. Our stores have been flooded with juniors and seniors (and their moms) shopping for the perfect prom corsage to match the dress, or the boutonniere to serve as the finishing touch of on a crisp tuxedo.

One of our top-selling corsages this year isn't a traditional wrist corsage; it's our Fashionista arm band, which features white cymbidium orchids on a crystal, adjustable band that can be worn on the upper arm or wrist. The best attribute of this choice is that it matches any color dress.
prom corsage with orchids

For something a little more exotic, our Enchantment corsage features green cymbidium orchids with peacock feathers. Gals wearing blue, brown, black or green will find this corsage to be a fabulous accent.
Prom corsages with peacock feathers

If she's anything but ordinary, the Cross My Heart corsage might be the one for her.Succulents, safari sunset, and hypericum combine with copper wire. Wouldn't it be perfect with a black, red or green dress?
Prom corsage with succulents

For the guys, we have the largest selection of prom boutonnieres in Cactus Flower history. Choose from billy ball boutonnieres to a blinged-out calla lily. 
Prom boutonniere with billy balls
Calla lily boutonniere with bling

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