Monday, January 2, 2012

3 Ways to Fight the Post-Holiday Blues

Now that the holidays are over, the battle against the winter doldrums begins for many people. The colorful decorations and bright lights come down, making the home feel dark and empty. You've also been floating with anticipation for several weeks, and now there is nothing to look forward to. Combined with gray skies and frigid temperatures, it's no wonder the post-holiday blues are so common.

 Here are some ways to slide back into reality without it bringing your down:
  1. Give your home a fresh look. After you've un-decked the halls, you'll have a fresh perspective of your home's interior. Re-arrange your furniture for a refreshing start to the new year. Paint a room, or take advantage of January sales and buy yourself new throw pillows or a new rug. It's amazing how far $50 can go to change the look of a space.
  2. Plan a party. Our calendars have been packed with fun things to look forward to for the last six weeks, and now it's back to the daily grind. The Super Bowl is the only event on the horizon, and to many of us, who cares? Plan an intimate party with your best friends to share your holiday memories. Give it a theme - like a winter luau - for more interest and fun.
  3. Bring home flowers. Flowers fight depression and chase away anxiety. A Harvard study has proven that simply having flowers in the rooms in which you spend the most time will lift your mood, and that you'll feel more positive, compassionate, and enthusiastic. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy this affordable luxury; Cactus Flower always offers a $10 bouquet of a featured flower, and all you need to do is drop it into a vase. This January, the Fresh Ten offer is 10 tulips for just $10. Watch our Fresh Ten Film for tips on how to enjoy them at home.

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