Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Forget: 50% OFF Fresh Flowers Every Friday

It's a program we've had for several years but don't talk about very much. I don't know WHY; it's a great deal! I'm talking about our Happy Hour pricing we run every Friday in all stores: 50% OFF fresh cut flowers in our cooler from noon to close. Just come in, select your favorite flowers (or ask us for help), and we'll wrap them with our signature purple paper and cellophane. It's a great hostess gift on your way to a dinner party, or as a spontaneous sign of your love to your partner. Heck, it's the perfect excuse to buy YOURSELF flowers to enjoy on your kitchen table.

Just today at our Chandler location, a woman came in a second time in one hour for happy hour flowers. The first time she had bought flowers for her son, but on her way to deliver them to him she couldn't stop smelling the stock she had bought. The smell brought back fond childhood memories of visiting a stock farm in California with her mother. It brought her such joy, she just had to come back and get more for herself! Now that's the power of flowers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a Blockbuster of a Deal!

Considering movie tickets cost around $10 these days, our Date Night Dozen is quite a deal: a dozen red roses with two Harkins movie passes for $40! How do we do it? Well, it's rose season so our dozen roses (regularly $65) are now $30. We're adding the two tickets on for just $10, so it's sort of a buy-one-get-one-free offer. So what would normally cost $84 is only $40 until the end of June. Hurry, we have a limited supply of passes and they are going fast!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Those Crazy Rose Deals are Back!

It's INSANE. Our dozen red rose arrangement - normally $65 - is $30 for the month of June. Heck, you can get TWO dozen for just $50! You think that's a good deal, you should hear about our FreshTen offer: a dozen red roses wrapped for TEN BUCKS.

Why so cheap? Well, little does our friend Cupid know that roses are actually NOT great for florists or lovers in February. In fact, roses are a summer flower and are in their prime in June. So that means there is an abundance of roses in our hemisphere right now, as opposed to at Valentine's Day when florists' delivery vans get stuck in snowstorms. So...we think Valentine's Day should be officially moved to June.